The Powerful Performers

Please click on one of the following categories which you belong to for finding out how you could contribute to achieve the common objectives of the Movement Millennium.

Teachers & Educators

Ministries of Education, Teacher training colleges, Publishers of textbooks, Makers of educational audiovisual materials, Teachers' unions and professional bodies, School principals and University teachers

Mass Media & Internet

Editors, Reporters, Cartoonists, Graphic artists, Illustrators, Photographers, Broadcasters, Producers, Filmmakers, Scriptwriters, Webmasters, Search engines, e-Zines and ISPs.

Religious Leaders

Leaders of national and international religious organizations and movements; Training institutions for religious leaders and lay workers; Publishers and producers of religious materials for religious organizations; Radio stations belonging to religious organizations, Individual religious leaders and lay workers, Study groups and adult education classes; and Ministries of religion.

Trade Unions
Employers & Business Leaders

Employers, Business and Commercial leaders, Advertising and Market Research firms, Event Management companies, and Confederations of Chambers of Commerce and Industries

Government & Community Leaders

Ministries of Home Affairs, Ministries of Social Welfare, Armed Forces, Police and Retired personnel, Postal Departments, State-owned services and Political parties

Artists, Entertainers & Sports(wo)men

Celluloid artists, Musicians, Theater and TV personalities, Comedians, Magicians, Folk artists, Painters, Entertainers, Artists, Sports(wo)men, Sport teams or authorities, and Celebrities

Independent Sector Organizations

International voluntary bodies and networks, Development and Humanitarian aid agencies, Youth organizations, Women's and Community groups, and NGOs and Co-operatives

Health Professionals

Doctors, Nurses, Midwives, Community Health Workers, Practitioners of Alternative Medicines and Faith Healers; Leading International organizations of Health Professionals and National Associations of Medical Professionals; Medical Universities; and Associations and Training Institutes of Alternative Medicines