Why are we championing for SILENT action?

Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. Margaret Mead

Don't lose your heart because you're alone to join Movement Millennium. When Abraham Lincoln, born to a very poor family and stricken by a bad luck of failed store, resolved to eliminate slavery, he was alone and even words were not with him as it was a silent resolution.

Drowned in the debt of a failed business, Lincoln, then 21, left his village to seek his fortune to New Orleans. He stood, one day in the slave market. He saw the blacks chained and kicked like dogs. He saw a young girl ruthlessly driven up and down. That pricked at the bottom of his heart. His soul rose in rebellion against slavery, and he said silently, “If ever I get a chance to hit that thing, I shall hit it and hit it hard!”

Lincoln nourished this silent resolve for many years, until he got a chance and hit that evil thing hard.

Silent resolves and acts have often revolutionized history.

Take another example. Back during the busy summer of 1969, there was much media hype about men walking on moon and protests of Vietnam war. Hardly anyone paid attention to Len Kleinrock's laboratory at the University of California where a group of 20 people could successfully, but quietly, flow some meaningless data between two bulky computers by means of a 5-meter grey cable, marking the birth of backbone of what we call today, Internet. The historic moment that changed the world slipped off quietly without even being captured in camera!

Therefore, I, on behalf of Global Initiatives for Sustainable Development and Humanitarian Action (GI), urge everyone the actions under Movement Millennium be carried out silently for the benefit of the people at the grassroots with the least fanfare, hypes and blah-blah. Just act, instead.

In my school headmaster's house, mounted on the wall is an attractive Archies' poster, depicting Denis the Menace holding an oversized ball below a basketball pole with a caption, “Before you say you can't, say, ‘I'll try’.”

So, don't give up hope. Try first. Join the united family of Movement Millennium now. Welcome aboard to surf into a greener, peaceful and sustainable 3rd Millennium with us. And, be a new Hero of our time!