While preparing this action guide,You Can Do, I have consulted more than 300 publications from the UN and its specialized agencies, international organizations and independent publishers. I am thankful to all of them and their writers though I could not enlist them all here due to short of space.

The section, The Powerful Performers, is inspired by UNICEF publication, All for Health. Some chapters are excerpted with necessary modifications from my forthcoming book, Bible of Organizing.

I am also grateful to Rt. Honorable Mr. Kirti Nidhi Bista, Honorable Mr. Ibrahim Hussain Zaki and His Excellency Mr. Yadab Kant Silwal for taking out their invaluable time to review the document and comment on it.

Likewise, kudos to all GI Trustees, officials and volunteers worldwide for their inputs and untiring support while preparing the manuscript of this document. Among them, I love to mention Mr. Binod Prasad Bista, Mr. U. K. Makaju, Mr. Upendra Man Shrestha and Mr. Prakash Thapa who deserve my sincere appreciation.

The website would have been a dream project if Mr. Shachi Bista would not have volunteered. He has been doing very great service to humanity since he was a very kid. He was the youngest volunteer, we are proud to have since 1995.

I am most thankful to all of my family-members for their selfless cooperation and support in spite of financial crisis. I am sure very few people on earth could be as tolerable to the pressure from all fronts as my family members who sacrificed their share of my time and money to bring this project into reality.

Sichendra Bista,
Founder President