Comments from the Public, Press and Policy-makers

We have received hundreds of comments from the public, press and policy-makers from every nook and corner of the world, but could not be reproduced here due to short of space and time.

You Can Do drives home the message that the Planet Earth can no longer be sustained without the concerted efforts of the people of the developed as well as developing countries. Rt. Honorable Mr. Kirti Nidhi Bista, Former Prime Minister of Nepal
You Can Do is a truly remarkable document featuring the type of forward looking ideas and suggestions that are required to salvage the world from collapsing. Honorable Mr. Ibrahim Hussain Zaki, Minister for National Development and Planning, Republic of Maldives
You Can Do embodies an action plan—simple, implementable, and without dependence on foreign aid whatsoever—which addresses the basic human concerns of people at large. It contains simple formulae that motivate individuals to act. His Excellency Mr. Yadab Kant Silwal, Former Secretary-General of South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC)
We salute your very commendable efforts. Mr. Jack Marrkand, Executive Director, Partnership for development, USA
The Movement is very impressive, and is obviously in the right direction and facing the underlining issues head-on. Dr. Hemanta Mishra, Biodiversity Specialist, GEF Secretariat, USA
We are very impressed by the work that you are doing. Dr. Hemmy Clevis, Archeologist and Ms. Pauli Gerritsen, Belief Management Expert, Netherlands
A small step for the Movement but a giant leap for the mankind. Mr. Ananda Gurung, Principal, Brihaspati School, Nepal
Very good work for humanity! Ms. Caroline McCarthy, USA
The Movement is better than borrowed development models which could bring a big change in South Asia. No such initiative had been carried out in any other part of the world. Dr. S. Mizan Siddiqui, a Consultant with WHO and a child specialist with BASICS in Bangladesh
I have never experienced as rewarding as Atelier for Peace. I experienced life in a developing country in direct touch with her people and places in a way that I never could if I had just been a tourist. Ms. Jessica Song Lee Sim, Origami Artist from Nanyang Technological University of Singapore
A wonderful world peace project. Ms. Juliet Regan, Netherlands
It's nice some people are doing things to raise human condition. Mr. Amit Pasari, Tech Director Softweb Solutions Inc., India
Active Childhood Philosophy (ACP) is the most powerful thinking in education which is effective, efficient, enjoyable and economic to address the international norms for protection of child rights and interests. Dr. Suresh Raj Sharma, Vice-Chancellor of the Kathmandu University, Nepal
Active Childhood Philosophy (ACP) could bring a sustainable education revolution as the concept is based on the latest studies of the human mind, and therefore, is the most modern, contemporary and important development in the learning sector which could be instrumental to drive education development in harmony with the social dynamics in the underdeveloped countries. Dr. Tirtha Raj Khaniya, Vice-Chairman of the Higher Secondary Education Board, Nepal
They (your efforts) sound quite fantastic. Ms. Joshua Rahn, National Sales Manager, AdTools, Inc., USA
Unlike other social organizations, Global Initiatives has its own distinct programs . Although many organizations have been working to promote the cause of environment and other social issues, they still lack coordinated efforts to carry out all the programs. This is what Global Initiatives intends to do. Mr. Keshab Poudel in Spotlight magazine
We are impressed by the most innovative and very fruitful environmental health campaign, Safe Water for the Poor, which we have witnessed effectively implemented in a local area. Ms. Roshana Shakya, President of the Environment and Public Health Council.
My heartfelt appreciation goes to selfless team leader Sichendra Bista and his hardworking colleagues for initiating such a novel approach in education. Extension of ME methodology would certainly be instrumental for building a new society. Mr. Dhananjaya Sharma Adhikari, Chief Editor, Nepal Jagaran Weekly
ME volunteers got a chance to recollect from the memory lane their first experiences with their chosen medium of expressions. Mr. Sunil Silwal, a ME Volunteer in Crosslines Alternative Weekly
A new, but successful, experimentation. Aaajako Samacharpatra Daily
Learn the art of revolution from Sichendra. Mr. Dharmananda Adhikari in Aaajako Samacharpatra daily
The movement has several merits to be appreciated. Let us not forget that all of us are equally responsible to make this movement successful because it is intended for human and social welfare. Mr. Kedar Shakya Associate Editor in the state-run Gorkhapatra, Nepal's oldest daily
The participatory approach of safe water maintenance and water conservation appears useful in the context of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and other LDCs of Asia, Africa and Latin America. Internationalization of the PAP movement would certainly help billions of people drink safe water and live healthy lives. Mr. Basant Maharjan in Biswobhoomi, Nepal's pioneer evening daily
Certainly, Dhikichyaunand ME have special importance. Mr. Suresh Manandhar, Editor in Sandhya Times eveninger
Social service is a sentiment that comes from within. However, Mr. Sichendra Bista is the main source of inspiration for bringing me towards social service. Therefore, I thank him first. Also, I got involved with the movement because of him. Ms. Jharana Bajracharya, Miss World Nepal `97
It's because this is an issue which affects everyone. In Nepal, the struggle for drinking water in terms of quality and quantity was anticipated much earlier, but materialized lately by Sichendra Bista. Mr. Prakash Sayami, Veteran Film Director of Nepal
In the Nepal's context, the movement is very useful. This movement needs support from all sectors of the society including the moral and financial support from INGOs and donor communities. the movement as it is aimed at human welfare and development. Mr. Krishna Timilsina, Advisor, BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, Dharan
The philosophy of motivating children and the workshops organized by Multi-media in Education (ME) seem to be targeting a population who is often left without a voice. The workshops and Dhikichyaun give children a sense of place and ownership. Ms. Aida Oikknonen, Program Coordinator, Community Programs, Rotary International Headquarters, USA
ME team has commendably come up with a revolutionary approach of mobilizing mass media for educational purposes at a crucial time when media have been widely misused to serve the vested interests. Mr. Kapil Kafle, Editor of Aaajako Samacharpatra
ME had proved its potential to change the attitudes of kids which my team could not accomplish through stereotype training extension. Mr. Ram Nandan Shah, Chief of Mid-regional Forestry Training Project under HMG/DANIDA
Dhikichyaunwill fill up the gap that the children might have been missing in reading materials on conservation and other related topics. Mr. Ukesh Raj Bhuju, Senior Program Officer, WWF-Nepal
Multi-media in Education does seem to be very interesting. Dhikichyaun sounds wonderful. Ms. Alka Pathak, Country Director, PLAN International-Nepal
I am highly impressed with ME approach which recognizes participatory rights and freedom of expression of children in a revolutionary manner. Multiple choices and freedom, blended with entertainment, appeared the most productive part of the workshop. Mr. Tarak Dhital, Program Coordinator, Child Workers In Nepal (CWIN) Concerned Center
We found the ME workshop very effective even to the hearing-impaired community. Ms. Indira Shrestha, Acting Executive Director, Welfare Society for the Hearing Impaired
ME is an experimental laboratory where children could find answers to each and every curiosity. In particular, Dhikichyaun has succeeded to induce the knowledge of human rights and justice among children, rescued from prisons. Mr. Singh Bahadur Moktan, Director, Prisoners' Assistance Mission Nestling Home
ME has come up with a novel and realistic philosophy to bring children into the mainstream of national development by arousing a newer sense of self-esteem and social responsibility. Ms. Geeta Silwal, Founder, Tarapunja High School
ME is student-centered initiative, based on discovery approach of teaching and learning with due emphasis given to independence and freedom of choice. ME could help devise a guideline for revolutionizing child education at a time when Nepal could not take a constructive turn on this front. Mr. Raj Kumar Thakuri, Principal, Bhanubhakta Memorial Secondary School / Secretary of Society for Development of Education in Private Schools (SEDIPS)
Teachers and students of our school are highly impressed by ME methodology as well as the technique discussed and demonstrated in the workshop by experts. Schools should follow the ME approach for finding out the talents or shortcomings in students. Mr. Arjun Singh, Principal, Saraswati Boarding High School
Students were found very excited to participate in ME workshop. Specially they were highly thrilled by magic show. Within half an hour, they started writing on various topics as if they have been taught for many days. ME is highly beneficial for increasing and exposing the creativity of children. Ms. Bindu Tuladhar, Principal, Bijeswori Boarding School
ME is unique, and a child-centered approach. Ms. Ganga Ranjit, Principal, Jubilant High School
ME evolved a new dimension to education and juvenile creativity which also helps to make the day-to-day teaching much easier, more effective and student-friendly. Mr. Bhoj Bahadur Shah, Founder Principal, Anandabhoomi Boarding High School/ General-Secretary Private and Boarding Schools Organization Nepal (PABSON)
ME helps maintain the quality of education through overall personality development of children. Mr. Suresh Agarwal, Principal, Dreamland Public School
ME is an innovative and democratic approach. Mr. Hitkar Bir Singh Kansakar, Headmaster, Paropakar Adarsha High School
The futuristic initiative of GI-PMC is effective to help kids and teachers encounter the challenges of 21st century and make them prepared for the consequences. HMG of Nepal should incorporate ME in its long-term planning and provide adequate support to the ME team. Mr. Shiva Mahat, Acting Headmaster of Ratna Rajya High School
Activities and experimentation under ME are practical and immensely useful. They enlightened the girls of our school. They enjoyed a lot and desire to prolong the program for more experiences. Mr. Ghanashyam Bikram Rana, Headmaster of Kanti Iswori Girls School
ME workshop underscored how easy it is to impart education and knowledge about humility, tolerance and teamwork as soon as the elders identify the uniqueness lying hidden within each and every child. Ms. Lalana Bajracharya, Principal, Yashasvi Primary Boarding School
Mock experimentation during the ME workshop would certainly make kids aware of the civic obligations and motivate them to contribute to development since childhood. Ms. Sanu Kumari Nepal, Headmistress, Kanya Mandir Girls' High School.
The new approach to educate, train and explore hidden talents and feelings of students might help to bridge a gap between home and school which is deadly desired. Ms. Pramila Singh, Vice-Principal, English Preparatory Higher Secondary School
ME is an irreplaceable initiative for creative and informative development of kids. Mr. Bishnu Bahadur Budhathoki, Headmaster, Pragati High School, Jhapa
Faculties embraced by ME are not only appealing and interesting, but could also be instrumental for exposing creativity of children, living in remote, mountainous and backward areas like ours. Mr. Chandramani Dahal, Headmaster, Chamunde High School, Sankhuwasabha
ME objectives appear equally beneficial to school-going children as well as students of higher education. Mr. Bishnu Prasad Sapkota, Headmaster, Suntalachaur High School, Baglung
Opening the overlooked and ignored social aspects with the help of tender and creative minds of kids is the principal ME objective. Dhikichyaun is the only amity bridge that provides a common platform for children from east to west. Mr. Shankar Shah, Headmaster, Tribhuwaneswori High School, Bajura
Ours is a struggling educational institution in the difficult terrain, faraway from country's capital. We are grateful to the interest shown by the organizers of ME to facilitate our bid to improve the difficult situation. Mr. Bhim Prasad Adhikari, Benkateswor Secondary School, Sindhuli
ME objectives and aims are excellent. Mr. Harka Prasad Lama, Headmaster, Budhuk Higher Secondary School, Dhankuta
Materials published in Dhikichyaun are immensely useful to students. We believe ME would serve a foundation for intellectual development of youngsters. Mahendra Jyoti High School family, Gorkha
Glad to learn about the publication of Dhikichyaun which is, indeed, the world's first magazine by the children, for the children and to the children. Udaya Kharka Higher Secondary School, Lalitpur
The most important aspect of the Movement is it considers children as a development crusader. This is the only program I have seen where children are really honored, loved, freed and cared. Mr. Rabindra Shrestha, Principal, Tarapunja High School