Be a new hero of our time

Welcome aboard to a realm where you can experience realization of the Master and immense positive energy within the self while helping others.

By taking out time for surfing across this action guide, you are expressing your concern for the planet and her people. No longer can we apologize, saying, “I am too busy to be concerned, someone else can take care of it.” Because that someone is none other than you.

This action guide, You Can Do, to the Movement Millennium guides everyone, who wants to be a part of the shared human responsibility for the elevation of physical, environmental, economic, emotional and spiritual health of the planet and people in order to witness a greener, peaceful and sustainable 3rd Millennium.

And, this website provides you simple tips that requires minimal resources and time on how you can bring about silent awakenings, which I've termed as Blue, White, Green and Pink Revolutions.

This humanitarian call has come up in response to those global silent emergencies, which have inspired enough writings, analyses, conferences and regulations rather than action at the grassroots. Thus, it bears the slogan, “Just act”.

The tips are like this one: Everyone plant a tree to celebrate birthday or birth of a new baby in the family, and witness there would be 6 billion more trees on the earth next year. And, this could happen just with a little consideration, time and willingness on your part. Simple, isn't it?

Meanwhile, I would love to remind respected and conscious Netizens, who come across this website, that all activities of the Global Initiatives for Sustainable Development and Humanitarian Action including this Movement Millennium are neither meant for appreciation, admiration nor awards, but to prompt direct and unselfish action at everyone's end.

Don't just sit idle there. Do something to save the collapsing world. Just have a cannon of humility, load that with the pow(d)er of love and fire with the inertia of selfless service. Come, surf into the next millennium with the united family of Movement Millennium. Together we comprise a powerful movement, dedicated to healing our planet and people.

Once again, I welcome all of you to be a part of the selfless campaign which originated from the Third Pole for the holistic development and social change in the Third World and in the eve of the Third Millennium, and be a new hero of our time.

We also welcome your views, opinions, ideas, comments and suggestions, and of course, we'd love to hear about the action at your end. Please forward them to the address appeared below. May peace, prosperity, progress and positive attitude prevail on earth. Happy New Millennium.

Dr. Sichendra Bista
Founder President

P.S. Hard copies of the 180-page action guide, You Can Do, could be ordered directly from GIIS. Click here to place an order.