Teachers and educators

A teacher affects eternity. He can never tell where his influence stops. Henry Adams in the Education of Henry Adams

Teachers and educators are the most powerful performers to take the message of Movement Millennium to the grassroots because they are in regular and direct touch, over a period of years, with school children and their parents.

These professionals, also heralded as mini-politicians, are influential social workers because they are highly respected in the society.

With direction and inspiration from teachers and educators, school children and their parents can be mobilized as the instruments of change by making them champion the humanistic objectives of Movement Millennium.

Teachers and educators have also greater professional responsibility to act for positive change in communities. They form the broadest and most influential channel of grassroots activism. Those who could act for collective benefits of the humankind under Movement Millennium are:

Ministries of Education

Education Ministries can strongly recommend to include the movement themes in this action guide when revising syllabuses and setting guidelines for hands-on-experience teaching materials.

They could also issue an official circular to the accredited institutions in the country to join movement millennium by contributing in any or all of the seven agendas of action.

Teacher training colleges

These colleges on pedagogy can educate trainee teachers about movement millennium and involve them in the activities in which they are interested to volunteer.Ask them to continue their activities when they are back to their work.

Publishers of school textbooks

They can commission authors to write textbooks incorporating Movement Millennium themes.

Makers of educational audiovisual materials

Producers of educational video, films, slides and multimedia tools can produce edutaining materials embodying the themes of Movement Millennium. They could also make it inspiring by capturing the success stories of active kid volunteers under the Movement.

Teachers' unions and professional bodies

They can promote Movement Millennium themes to their members by reproducing segments in their official newsletters or making an official circular to contribute to the Movement.

School principals and University teachers

Indeed, school principals and university teachers are the true and most influential actors at the grassroots. Involve students of every level in any of the seven faculties of action and announce an incentive to the best class.

School principals can relay the message of organ donation after death to the faculty members and parents so that they could volunteer.

Organize a tree plantation drive in your school compound and community every week. Also, ask parents to lend their hands in the afforestation drive. Tell every child to plant a tree by his/her name on birthday.

Ask the science teachers to elaborate on how to maintain drinking water safe to the children and parents, too. Tell them about chlorination and its residual protection.

Encourage children and parents to harvest rainwater and not foul the river water.

Organize a painting/essay contest or debate for children on what they love to see the world to be in the next century.

Take them along the river nearby for educational excursion to get acquainted with the importance of river ecosystem to the community and human civilization.

Inform them about children being used as instruments of war, violence and slavery. Ask their parents to give love and care to their kids before they deviate their minds.

Take out a procession in your city or village, deploring child labor, soldiery and violence against women.

Invite a senior citizen every week to share his/her experiences and folk tales of his/her time with your kids.

Organize adult literacy camps in your school in the morning or evening to suit the working parents.