Government and Community Leaders

Every government ministry, department and institution has a potential and responsibility to raise public awareness about the issues, depicted as agendas of action in this guide.

Local government leaders can be a key link in this process. Village heads and traditional leaders, because of their official position or personal prestige, are often respected sources of information.

Members of political parties have considerable influence on people attitudes and behavior. They also play leading role in social development programs like Movement Millennium.

Government and community leaders could mobilize themselves as follows:

Ministries of Home Affairs

Ministries of Home Affairs can mobilize the administrative infrastructure for Movement Millennium.

Ministries of Social Welfare

Ministries of social welfare can issue a circular among the accredited voluntary agencies to embrace the agendas for action of the Movement Millennium.

Armed Forces, Police and Retired Personnel

Armed forces, police and retired personnel can have a wider impact and reach among their families and friends if concerned ministries permit them to volunteer for carrying out the activities under Movement Millennium for common good.

Postal Departments

Postal Departments can issue attractive millennium stamps on the themes of Movement Millennium with a human face. They will be highly collectible, too.

State-owned services

State-owned services such as electricity and water supply and telephone corporations can print the Movement Millennium messages on bills, customer's cards, calendars and directories.

Political Parties

Political parties could mobilize their elected officials, cadres and volunteers to implement theagendas for action under Movement Millennium. This will help them win the hearts (of course, votes) of people.