Health Professionals

Health professionals—doctors, nurses, faith healers, midwives, community health workers, practitioners of complementary medicines—are the most trusted and respected people in all communities. They can use their influence to promote the social objective of Movement Millennium at the grassroots and amidst their own profession.

Movement themes like organ donation, safe water maintenance, population and sex education and care of the aged comes directly under the professional jurisdiction of the medicos despite possessing enlightened self-interest.

Doctors, Nurses, Midwives, Community Health Workers, Practitioners of Alternative Medicines and Faith Healers

Doctors, nurses, midwives, community health workers, practitioners of alternative medicines and faith healers can pass the message of Movement Millennium to the individual patients and their families visiting their clinics and explain them how they could act to achieve the goals.

International Organizations of Health Professionals and National Associations of Medical Professionals

Leading International organizations of health professionals and National Associations of medical professionals can incorporate the agendas of action under movement millennium in their respective plan of action while promoting the social objective of the Movement through their communications, membership and educational networks like newsletters, websites, intranets, brochures, mailings and courses.

Organizations like International Council of Nurses, International Pediatric Association, International Confederation of Midwives, International Pharmaceutical Federation, Medecins sans frontieres etc. can distribute individual copies of this action guide to their members. National medical council and associations and others can also contribute to the Movement immensely.

Medical Universities, Training Institutes, and Associations of Alternative Medicines

Universities, associations, and training institutes of alternative medicines like Open International University for Complementary Medicines can also distribute hard copies of this action guide to their members and practitioners. Click here to order hard copies of the action guide.