Mass media & Internet

Also heralded as Fourth Estate, mass media have power to influence people through authoritative information flow.

In the recent years, Internet has come up as the fastest spreading medium to revolutionize the human history because, unlike others, it's interactive.

It is noteworthy that it took 30 years for radio to reach 50 million people and 13 years for television. But it took just five years for the Internet to reach 100 million people!

So, the power of Internet can't be ignored for social change.

Every media professional can help to promote Movement Millennium to a wider audience. But more than one-off advertisement, story or occasional coverage of particular events are needed.

What is required, above all, is a long-term commitment to ensure that every readers, listener, viewer and surfer becomes aware of what they can do on their own to see a greener, peaceful and sustainable 3rd Millennium. Media professional can volunteer in many a ways to achieve the aim of the Movement:

Editors, reporters, cartoonists, graphic artists, illustrators and photographers

Use this website (also available in hard copies) as a source of ideas and background information for news features, articles, news stories, editorials, photo reportages, cartoons and quizzes.

Graphic artists and illustrators

Produce comic books and strip illustrations, incorporating the themes of Movement Millennium.

Broadcasters, producers, filmmakers and scriptwriters

Incorporate movement themes into radio and television programs, films, video, sound cassettes. Repeat the messages of Movement Millennium in a variety of program formats—news stories, chat shows, interviews quizzes, documentaries, comedy, drama, advertising spots. They can even activate listeners, viewers or fan clubs by airing the call.

Search engines, webmasters, e-zines and ISPs

Include the themes of Movement Millennium into their website as a portal, kiosk or site or as a news flash. Or, link the site using a banner ad or button in your site. Search engines can put an ad about the Movement or help establish connectivity. ISPs can broadcast the message to their clients and provide space and access to host a site.