Employers and Business leaders

Good employers and business leaders are always a step ahead to respond to the social causes because they share social accountability.

It is also a form of enlightened self-interest which results in less absenteeism, improved management-workforce relations and higher productivity.

Employers are in regular contact with their employees. They have a unique capacity to reach hundreds of thousands of adults.

Business people and event managers, through their contacts with their customers, are also an important channel to promote social objectives of Movement Millennium.

Here are how employers and business leaders could make things happen :


All employers can disseminate the agendas for action of Movement Millennium to their employees and members through company newsletter, intranet, BBS, public address announcement in workplaces and canteens, pay slips, time sheets, company mail systems, and conference, workshops, meetings and short lectures for managers and employees. All employers can encourage their employees to own the Medical and Donor Card for their safety.

Business and commercial leaders

Business and commercial leaders can present Movement Millennium themes to the general public by:

Advertising and Market Research Firms

Advertising and market research firms can assist by promoting Movement Millennium by:

Event Management Companies

Event management companies can help achieve the humanitarian objectives of Movement Millennium by :

Confederation of Chambers of Commerce and Industries

Confederation of Chambers of Commerce and Industries worldwide could incorporate the Movement themes in their official publications and send an official circular to the members to come forward to join the united family of Movement Millennium.

All employers, business and commercial leaders, advertising and market research firms and confederation of chambers of commerce and industries can also organize, among employees and members, organ donation camps, tree plantation drives, competitions and picnics for children and seniors, adultliteracy and numeracy classes, training on safe water maintenance and water conservation techniques, population planning and AIDS education, discussions on child labor, soldiery and violence against women and so on.

Don't forget to report your activities and newspaper clippings to the Movement Secretariat at the address appeared below for consideration to various awards, mainly Social Responsiveness Award.