Medical and donor card

Donor card

GI Medical and Donor Card is a wallet-size plastic card that contains a Microfilm insert which can be read without magnification. This Microfilm insert contains your personal emergency medical data and your pledge in writing to donate your organs in case of your death.

Someday this Card could save your life

Should you become ill or involved in an accident and can't speak, GI Medical and Donor Card will speak for you! All information needed by medical personnel will be quickly available via the Microfilm that’s inserted into your Card. Thus, the rapid care could begin.

Even if you’re in perfect health, you need the GI Medical and Donor Card to verify that you have no pre-existing conditions so that emergency care can begin faster.

When minutes count, GI Medical and Donor Card could mean the difference between life and death

When held to any light source, your personalized medical data can easily be read without magnification. The Card is:

Today GI Medical and Donor Card could save your money and more!

If you make your mind to pledge your organs to be donated after your death and order the Card now, you will get the Card at an unbelievable price tag with a heavy discount!

Normal price of each card ranges between US$9.95 to US$12.95 in the marketplace. For our special group of people cited above, the price is subsidized to US$6.95 only.

Every donor will get a customized and elegant Certificate of Appreciation from GIIS, printed on indigenous paper made of natural fiber, lokta.

Also, your name will be published in Global Breakthrough — GI's official newsletter.

Notably, the Card carries no data bank telephone numbers as with the commercial products available in the market.

Pledge your organs, and place an order now for each member of your family to enjoy the special offer.

Tomorrow GI Medical and Donor Card could save the lives of others

By pledging your vital organs for donation, you can help lives of seven persons even after your death.

Let your relatives know your wishes and always carry the Card with you.

Remember, the dead body should reach the medical facilities within 12 hours of the death so as the transplants to take effect.

Act now and make a difference to lives

  1. Fill the Medical Data Form as shown in the sample printed on the side. For the best results, print large with black and bold fiber-tipped pen.
  2. Fill the Order Form and fill wherever appropriate. You can photocopy the Medical Data Form, if necessary. If you need printed pads of the Medical Data Form in 100 sheets each (costs US$4.99 for postage and handling) for the use of your friends, family-members and others, please also check the appropriate boxes.
  3. Draw a crossed demand draft or money order equivalent to US$6.95 and other dues, if applicable, payable to Global Initiatives for Sustainable Development and Humanitarian Action (GI). DO NOT SEND CASH.
  4. Mail duly filled-in forms (Medical Data and Order Forms), two auto-sized color photographs and payments to Movement Millennium/GIIS, GPO Box 10422, Kuleswor Heights, Kathmandu, Nepal. We do not have any agent elsewhere.
  5. The card reaches at your end within 15 days after the clearance of your payment.