Tree plantation

Paul Chemetov of France has decided to plant a line of 1,000 trees, each representing one year of the millennium, along the north-south Paris meridian extending 1200kms. On November 15, 1999, school-aged children will push the project into high gear by planting trees.

Recognizing tree plantation as the first step to environmental revival, Movement Millennium is poised for planting one million saplings worldwide, preferably within the first 100 days beginning September 23, 1999 as a prelude to the 3rd Millennium.

Trees provide us wood, fruit, paper, shade, noise protection, scenic beauty. They also play important role to balance the ecosystems on earth. They help reduce global warming, soil erosion, and control flood. Trees also bring down temperature, reducing the energy use for air-conditioning in urban areas.

Unfortunately, forests are destroyed at a faster rate than they are replaced. Forests are bartered to win votes and raise funds for elections, thereby depleting gene banks at a rapid rate.

What can you do?

  1. Celebrate your birthday or birth of every new child in your home or that of your relatives or in your neighborhood by planting trees and christen them to your name/ beloved ones or that of the new born. Adopt the tree and take care.

  2. Discourage barter of forests for votes. Write strongly to lawmakers in your country to bring about a powerful legislation to ban such practices. Also, write to international agencies to generate pressure on your government.

  3. Start a “Green Community Campaign”. Ask your neighbors to join you by arranging a tea party in your home. Contact your nearest forest office. Get saplings of the trees that could survive in your area. Plant them in your backyard or community gardens. You can also opt for fruit or nut tree for economic value. Give it continuity.

  4. Report your afforestation activities, newspaper clippings and other materials for publication in Global Breakthrough and evaluation for awards to the Movement address appeared below.