Artists, Entertainers & Sportspeople

Entertainers, artists and sportsmen reach a broader cross-section of the population than any other professionals. Even in the areas outside the reach of modern mass media, drama troupes and puppeteers, magicians and comedians, storytellers and dancers, musicians and singers reach millions of people who have little or no contact with modern means of communication.

Entertainers, artists and sportsmen have the advantage of being familiar, credible and accessible to the majority of ordinary people.

With their ability to amuse, inspire and educate, here are how entertainers and sportsmen could join as Ambassadors of Movement Millennium and help people join into the mainstream of the Movement:

Celluloid artists

Celluloid artists can make a public call to join Movement Millennium during interview with mass media.

Musicians, Theater and TV personalities, Comedians, Magicians, Folk artists, Painters

Musicians, theater and TV personalities, comedians, magicians, folk artists, painters and so on can transform the Movement Millennium themes into their emotive songs, plays, soap opera, drama, comedy, magic shows, festivals and canvas.

Entertainers, Artists and Sports(wo)men

Entertainers, artists and sportsmen can pledge their creative talents and artistic expressions Movement Millennium to bring about a positive change among people and for fund-raising to support the activities for common good. They can also include the Movement themes in their fan mail.

Sportsmen, Sport teams or Authorities

Sportsmen, sport team or authorities can organize sporting events in support of the activities under Movement Millennium. Such event helps promote the themes of the Movement besides attracting crowd as well as mass media like radio, television and newspaper journalists.


Celebrities like actors, actresses, painters, musicians, comedians, television artists and sportsmen can also give credibility to the Movement themes by endorsing through mass media or volunteering as the International Ambassadors of Movement Millennium.