Important dates and suggestive events


Listed below are important dates for 1999-2000 from September 23 onwards. This list helps you to design your action plan in advance for the specific day, observed internationally on the days of the month every year except stated otherwise.


SEPTEMBER 23, 1999, THURSDAY—Launching of the Movement Millennium

A 100-day prelude to the 3rd Millennium. Organize any program you like as specified in the chapter, "Agendas of action". Make your actions quiet and with least hype.

Ask people to join you. Ask people pledge to donate organs after death. Plant some trees yourself.

Do whatever you think that could fulfill the objectives of the Movement. You can join the Movement anytime whenever you desire. Just fill the Partnership/Volunteer Form and Event Sheet, and send in for FREE registration. Registration is open throughout 1999-2010.


OCTOBER 1, 1999, FRIDAY—World Elders' Day

Organize specific activities for elders. Click here for details.


OCTOBER 4, 1999, MONDAY— UNESCO Day and World Habitat Day (observed 1st Monday of October)

Organize literacy and numeracy programs. Click here for details.


OCTOBER 9, 1999, SATURDAY— World Post Day

Philatelists and philatelic societies can organize exhibition and competition on the specificthemes of the Movement Millennium. Postal Departments could issue postage stamps on the Movement themes. Click here for details.


OCTOBER 12, 1999, TUESDAY— Day of 6 billion People

On this date, the world population reaches 6 billion. Observe the day by organizing population related activities. Click here for details.


OCTOBER 17, 1999, SUNDAY— International Day of Eradication of Poverty

Educate people. Help them drink chlorinated water. Tell them about the population planning. This would certainly help alleviate poverty. Click here for details.


OCTOBER 24, 1999, SUNDAY— UN Day

Spread the word about the mission of the UN for maintaining peace and security in the world. Organize peace-related programs. Click here for details.


NOVEMBER 20, 1999, SATURDAY— Universal Children's Day

Mobilize children in the activities under Movement Millennium as crusaders for development. Organize competition, exhibition, contests and quizzes for children in your community. Induce them a newer sense of self-esteem as active volunteers by making them participate in activism under the Movement. Form a group of children, and associate them with the Movement by filling the Partnership/Volunteer Form.



Organize programs and campaigns as specified in the chapter, "Population planning and AIDS education." You can develop your own programs, too. Click here for details.


DECEMBER 3, 1999, FRIDAY— International Day for Disabled Persons

Involve disabled persons in the activities under Movement Millennium by organizing contests and quizzes. Social activism induces a newer sense of self-esteem into them that they could also do a lot for the common good.


DECEMBER 5, 1999, SUNDAY— International Volunteers' Day

Celebrate this day by installing more and more volunteers to your existing base. Encourage the serving volunteers by honoring them with certificate and award. Release of the Global Breakthrough, the official magazine of GI, in honor of all volunteers worldwide.


DECEMBER 10, 1999, FRIDAY— Human Rights Day

Organize programs and campaigns to educate and ensure the rights of the down-troddens. Education,safe water, dignified living of the elderly are basic human rights. Child soldiery, labor and violence against women are against international legal instruments on human rights. Concentrate your actions under these themes.


DECEMBER 31, 1999, FRIDAY— Millennium Party (generally New Year Party)

Share the joys of world of new millennium with the elderly, children and women by organizing a Millennium Party. This could also be used as a fundraiser. Sale souvenirs. Give a special discounts to the aged and children. Celebrate the moment by praying that the new millennium be full of peace, equality and freedom. Click here to gift everyone some safe water to drink in the 3rd millennium. Remember, it's the last day to debug Y2K problem if you own a computer or computer-operated devices.


JANUARY 1, 2000, SATURDAY— New Millennium Day

Observe the new millennium by making resolutions that you would champion the objectives of Movement Millennium for common good. Sign the Partnership and Volunteer Form and send to the Movement Secretariat for registration. Also, release of the Bible of Organizing—a comprehensive manual, written by organizing guru Sichendra Bista for grassroots activists in the Third World. Functioning of non-Y2K-compliant devices halt.


MARCH 8, 2000, WEDNESDAY— International Women's Day

Organize women and women's groups to raise voice for the women's rights and against violence against women. Start literacy and numeracy classes for women. Convince the mothers to send their girl children to schools. Advocate for equal rights of women.


MARCH 21, 2000, TUESDAY— International Day for the Racial Discrimination

Despite disbanded by legal instruments, untouchability can't be eliminated from the society. Influential people of higher caste still creates obstacles to the pro-minority moves. At this point, activists could induce a newer attitudes by means of measures relating to safe drinking water and irrigation matters. Take note that the demarcation of untouchability is drinking water.


MARCH 22, 2000, WEDNESDAY— World Water Day

Launch programs as suggested in the"Water quality and productivity" chapter. We expect your suggestion, support, participation in the World Water Summit, to be organized by Global Initiatives from March 22-24, 2001. GI is still doing background work to it.


APRIL 7, 2000, FRIDAY— World Health Day

Hold health-related activities as specified in the four chapters under agendas for action, viz. "Organ donation", "Water quality and productivity" and " Population planning and AIDS education", and "Care of senior citizens."


APRIL 22, 2000, SATURDAY— Earth Day

Join some 300 million people to join the Earth Day—the largest ever. Take actions as specified in preceding chapters—"Tree Plantation", "Water quality and productivity" and "Population planning and AIDS education".


MAY 1, 2000, MONDAY— Labor Day

Ask trade unions to incorporate theagendas for action under Movement Millennium in their program for the day. Organize specific programs for laborers like tree plantation, organ donation drive, AIDS education class etc.


MAY 3, 2000, WEDNESDAY— World Press Freedom Day

Launch organ donation drive, tree plantation orother activities to mark the day. Use this occasion to recharge yourself by being actively involved at the grassroots, like planting trees, caring the elderly, sharing the day with the downtrodden children and women, distributing condoms, driving organ donation campaign


MAY 15, 2000, MONDAY— International Day of Families

Involve your family to activate under various themes of the Movement. Organize an essay/poster contest for children on ideal family.


MAY 31, 2000, WEDNESDAY— World No-tobacco Day

Engage senior citizens in your community to promote the no-tobacco culture. Click here for an example of the bad effects of smoking.


JUNE 5, 2000, MONDAY— World Environment Day

To materialize a clean, green and healthy planet by maintaining balance of nature, take actions as specified in preceding chapters—"Tree Plantation", "Water quality and productivity" and "Population planning and AIDS education".


JULY 4, 2000, SUNDAY— International Day of Cooperatives

Include the themes of Movement Millennium in the program to observe the day. Ask every member of the cooperative ask to contribute in whatsoever manner they can.


JULY 11, 2000, TUESDAY— World Population Day

To materialize balanced growth of human population, take actions as specified in the "Population planning and AIDS education" chapter.


AUGUST 9, 2000, MONDAY— International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples

Life of the most of the indigenous communities around the globe are a little better than the savage. They are suppressed and left without a voice for millennia, and therefore most of the tribes are likely to face extinction. Organizeliteracy and numeracy campaigns, tree plantation drive, and knowledge aboutchild soldiery, labor and violence against women. Please note brutality against women is considered a social norm in some indigenous societies.


SEPTEMBER 8, 2000, FRIDAY— International Literacy Day

Vow to make a certain number of peopleliterate and numerate by the dawn of the new year, and act accordingly.


SEPTEMBER 16, 2000, SATURDAY— Sydney Olympic 2000 begins

Australian volunteers of the Movement Millennium, Australian Olympic Committee and sportspeople taking part in the games could use this venue as the best platform to spread the spirit of the Movement among tens of thousands of sports-lovers. Honor national players as the International Ambassadors of Movement Millennium on the day to boost their self-esteem.


SEPTEMBER 19, 2000, TUESDAY— International Day of Peace (falls on the third Tuesday of September)

Spread the word about the importance of maintaining peace and security in the world. Organize peace-related programs. Click here for details.